Bucket List - European Addition

August 11, 2017

While my desire to explore the world grows stronger every day and my Bucket List with destinations to visit ends up with more and more additions on it as time goes by I have created a Bucket List specifically for my time living abroad... 


1) Germany

I mean, duh, I'm moving there. I can’t wait to explore Germany as a whole! From biking down the Spree, taste-tasting their endless variety of food markets and checking out the nightlife; it’ll be so cool to be fully immersed in a totally different culture for a year. That being said, I will completely consider myself a failure if I don’t make it to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. I demand beer and pretzels. 


2) Sweden 

Thousands of people flock to Sweden every year to experience their unique Nordic culture. Sweden has a plethora of tiny villages, palaces, and bread to keep the people coming. Personally, I am really hoping to see the Northern Lights and/or the Midnight Sun!


3) Denmark 

With over 7000KM of coastline, Denmark has a variety of beaches to explore, relax and hopefully get a tan. Besides relaxing by the water, I want to spend some time exploring Copenhagen. While it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg to be there, they have incredible architecture, nightlife and friendly locals. Checking out a castle or two is definitely on the list as well! 


4) Netherlands 

Being as I’m a young, 20-something that has never traveled Europe before, Amsterdam is definitely on this travel Bucket List. But, besides all the well-known attractions that Amsterdam draws in tourists with every year, the Netherlands in their entirety look so pretty! Canals, cobblestone walkways, and flower fields are everywhere. Visiting the Anne Frank museum would be a cool experience too. 


5) France 

I just wanna grab a baguette and walk around France. You’ve got the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame… What would be more iconic than experiencing France on-foot, munching on a tasty baguette and photographing all the historic architecture? 


6) Switzerland 

I feel like a lot of people travel to Switzerland to go skiing or snowboarding, but I am not athletically inclined nor want to break multiple bones trying to pretend that I am, so I’ll probably skip the winter sports part of this excursion. Seeing the Swiss Alps is definitely on the list, exploring a glacier IN the Swiss Alps would be even cooler. 


7) Italy 

Italy has so many cool destinations, I’m not really sure how I’m going to fit it all in and I’m a little stressed about it. Venice, Florence, Rome and the Almalfi Coast are all sooo tempting. Just seeing the remaining structures of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican City and the leaning tower of Pisa would be incredible. But, then Italy also has amazing beaches, food and shopping to experience too… I also need to have my Lizzi McGuire moment. 


8) Spain 

Barcelona, Spain is calling my name. Beautiful beaches, tapas and sangria at lunch and a fun nightlife scene to check out? I’m game. Walking through La Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter will offer the perfect opportunities for people watching and window shopping! 



There you have it, my Bucket List for exploring Europe! I’m sure this list will change once I’ve officially moved and start getting a better understanding of the land and what I want out of my time abroad. Simply writing out this list and researching all the amazing opportunities I’ll have access to made me even more excited for my move than I already was. 




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