Our First Week Abroad

August 22, 2017

Hallo! Wie geht es dir? 



After a handful of tearful goodbyes, travelling for what felt like a billion hours and running around our new city like headless chickens; we can officially say we have officially survived our first week abroad! Here are a few observations I have made comparing German VS Western cultures… 


1) Efficiency:


Germany is obsessed with efficiency, I mean you’ll get the stink-eye from your cashier at the grocery store if you don't bag your groceries fast enough, but is it really THAT efficient to have to wait four days for your laundry to air dry? Also, wouldn’t it be more effective to offer washing machines that are capable of washing more than twelve t-shirts at a time? Just a thought, Germany… 


2) Medicine:


Homeopathic VS Pharmaceutical medicine. In theory, I was really excited to be exposed to the world of natural, homeopathic medicine while in Germany. But, now that I’ve been sick here for the last few days and the strongest thing I can get is nasal spray, I miss my liver-killing, kidney damaging pharmaceuticals. Where’s the NyQuil?!


3) Work Ethic:

Western society is known for having a bit of a “rat-race” work ethic; generally speaking we work hard and get shit done. But, in Europe it is a much more relaxed and easy-going pace for the employed. I mean, how many smoke breaks does one construction crew really need in the time it takes me to pass them to go from the grocery store and back to my apartment? 


4) Exclusivity: 


Are all Germans recluses? I literally have not met a single person in my entire apartment building. If I couldn’t hear people going up and down the stairwell, I would think that we were here all by ourselves. 


5) Food: 


Do Germans fear seasonings? Why do Germans only season with paprika? Even the potato chips here are paprika flavoured. I am confused. Although, the pastries are top-notch. 



This post makes me seem really bitter (and I am because I can't breathe and German nasal spray is ineffective), but I really am enjoying living abroad, despite all the satirical observations I listed. Stay tuned for future posts where I show you how to make a furnished apartment feel more like home, new German touristy adventures and more! 




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