The Apartment

August 30, 2017

When Nick and I made the decision to move abroad, one of our bigger obstacles was finding a place to live. Apartment hunting in Berlin is no joke; there are potentially hundreds of people fighting for the same apartment you want, there is a massive pile of paperwork that you must complete and you have to have your deposit ready at a moment's notice. We first planned on staying at a hostel when we got here for a couple of weeks while we searched for our apartment, but that soon proved to be an unideal situation. After some more research, I came across a company called “WunderFlats”; essentially they list fully furnished apartments in major European cities for short or long-term contracts. When we contacted Wunderflats, we gave them a list of requirements for what we wanted in our apartment (I.E within walking distance to grocery stores and transit, a short commute from my school, washing machine in the apartment etc), they then sent us a list of apartments that fit those requirements. We then picked the one we liked the best, signed the contract and now here we are! 

When renting a fully-furnished apartment, you don't have any say over how the apartment actually looks, and because of that it may never truly feel like home. After we unloaded our luggage at our apartment, our first stop was to get some groceries and then we hit up IKEA. I had a list of things I wanted to purchase in order to make our space feel a little more like home, but also to be a more functional living space. Listen, I don’t pack light and our apartment is SMALL, so we desperately needed some storage and organization… 


1) Shoe Rack 


Our entry way was looking way too cluttered and disorganized with all of our shoes just sitting on the ground, so we grabbed a simple shoe rack to get our shoes off the floor and organized.  


2) Rolling Organizer 


I wanted something on wheels because I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to use this piece for. I was deciding between using it for camera gear storage or makeup storage; in the end, I ended up using it for makeup storage.


3) Dresser 


Our apartment came with one dresser that had three drawers and one clothes hanger with like seven hangers, so we really needed some extra space to store our clothes. Nick is using the dresser that came with the apartment, but we bought a standing four-drawer piece to put all of my stuff in. 


4) Containers 


I don’t like things just scattered about. So, we got some containers to put our random things in. I got one big clear one to store all my camera gear and then we got two separate containers to be our makeshift nightstands since we don’t actually have the space for real nightstands. 


While all those purchases helped to make our living space more functional, we still needed to add some personal touches. We got rid of the bedding that was on our bed when we arrived and replaced it with fresh sheets and quality pillows because German-bedding-preference is whack. Our apartment was decorated with a lot of bright pink and purple colours, neither of which really suit mine or Nick’s personality. We removed all the accessories in the apartment and replaced them. When we moved in, we realized the throw pillows on our couch had a navy blue pattern on one side and a pink pattern on the other, so we decided to have the navy blue pattern be visible and used that as our inspiration for what colours we used in the rest of the apartment. Following the navy blue colour scheme of our pillows, we replaced the pink and purple rug in our living room with a navy and cream stripped one and a navy coloured welcome mat in our entry way. Even with all of those changes, the rest of the space felt a little drab; I was never really a plant person before getting my own place, but once we moved in I became obsessed with plants. I now want every free space to be covered in greenery. We have an Aloe Vera named Benjamin and a Venus Fly Trap named Victoria, they have three nameless cactus children. 



Here is our teeny-tiny apartment! 








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