Markt Halle Neun

August 31, 2017

Before moving to Germany, I was mildly nervous about what I would be eating here being as I am a vegetarian and I thought that the only food available would be the stereotypical German diet of pretzels and sausage would be around. But, I have been BLESSED to find out the exact opposite to be true. There are food festivals EVERYWHERE I GO and they always have really delicious vegetarian/vegan options! We have accidentally come across a handful of food festivals while going around the city, which has been amazing! But, the one food venture I had researched prior to moving was Markt Halle Neun; from my understanding, they have food related events throughout the week, but every Thursday they have a food market that brings locals and tourists alike to taste all the flavours of the world. 

I’m one of those annoying people who like to graze. I want to try a little bit of everything and not commit to one full meal, so Markt Halle Neun is perfect for me as I can bounce from Asian to Italian to Mexican cuisines all in the same evening; enjoying a little nibble from all the different corners of the world. From the two times we’ve explored this market, it seems like they have a handful of vendors that are their staples and then there’s a few that alternate; I.E. where they had a Pad Thai stand last week, they had Turkish cuisine this week and where they had a sushi bar last week they had Uruguay street food this week! Not only do you have your choice of selection, but it’s all relatively affordable. Between Nick and I, we probably went to five or six different food vendors and walked away spending less than €30.00! 


Here are some photos of what we tried this week! 



Spicy Kimchi Steamed Bun with Tofu 

 Pork Taco and a Vegan Bean Taco 

 Pork and Beef/ Vegan Dumplings 

 Vanilla and Lemon/Chocolate Beignet  



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