Back to School, Back to School

September 27, 2017

I’ve officially started classes at what may be the most unconventional school! I mean we currently have a rollercoaster on campus… 


Here we have the post that my family back home are probably most anxious to read about; my first impressions about my school. After a whirlwind of new experiences and new people during Induction Week at dBs Film Berlin and having finished my first official week of classes, I thought I would reflect on my time there thus far. The Monday of Induction Week was incredibly terrifying; I am literally the most shit person at making small talk, I don’t even really like it to begin with and having to make small talk about the same thing over and over again for a day was so draining. “Where are you from?”, “How long have you been in Berlin?”, “Have you found a flat yet?”, over and over and OVER again. By the time Monday had come to a close, I was excited to go home and sit in silence for a couple of hours. During the first week on campus, it was quite obvious that dBs was a music school before anything else; every person I was meeting was in one of the music programs they offered. Even the tours and the guides had a heavy focus on the music programs, mixing studios and experiences available for the music students. I was beginning to get a little worried that I wouldn’t get to experience anything film-related during my Induction Week, or even meet anybody from my program. But, the film-stars aligned and we started seeing and hearing more about the film program, studios and what to expect from our program. We also had an opportunity to work on a short-film during Induction Week and I was grouped with a few girls that I hit it off with really well! The remainder of the week was more or less the same; small talk, tours of the school and icebreaker exercises. 


Now that we’ve embarked on our first official week of classes and I’ve gotten a better feel as to what to expect out of the program; I think I’m going to enjoy it! I’m also going to be very sleep-deprived. At this point in the semester, we’ve been organized into small groups consisting of crew and talent; we will be working with this group of people for the next few weeks as we create new projects. During the week, we have classes and workshops with our tutors to learn the skills and equipment needed to complete the tasks within our short-films, and in our spare time we meet with our groups to plan out our short-films. By the time Thursday rolls around, we are ideally able to rent out the gear from the school and start shooting, editing, and uploading the films over the weekend so we are ready for the Monday morning screening. All in all, it’ll be very fast paced for the first little while, but once we start getting into bigger productions and more complex films, we will have more than a week at a time to work through pre-production, production and post-production! 


Tomorrow morning, myself and the rest of the crew are heading to our location to begin shooting our first short-film. 


Wish me luck! 




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