2017 - A Year in Review

January 2, 2018

Happy New Years!


The concept of time is so crazy to me. It’s officially ten years since 2008, a whole DECADE has passed and my life is so drastically different from then; the people that I talk to, the interests and hobbies I have, my personal goals… Everything is just so drastically different, which is a good thing; growth and change are good, important and necessary things. But, it’s just interesting reflecting on where I was as a young teen in 2008 and thinking about the people I would hangout with, school, my part-time job and everything in between. Of course, being as its been a decade since 2008 and I was an angsty youngster; my perspective on the world and who I am as a person has changed entirely (thank fuck), but even reflecting on the beginning of 2017 to the end makes me very aware of how much changes in just 365 days as well.


The beginning of 2017 was a very pivotal moment for me; Nick and I rang in the New Year in New York City and that in itself was absolutely crazy for me to be able to say that I had such a bucket-list adventure that most people would kill for. But, what I remember most about that New Years Eve was when we returned to our hotel in Manhattan after spending the night in Brooklyn, I told Nick that I was going to look into reapplying for school when we got back to Canada. Once we had returned home, I stuck true to my word and started looking into film programs in Canada; I had been through the Canadian post-secondary system before, and my experience was absolute shit. So, this time around I wasn’t going to invest my time and money into a program and into an educational system unless I was absolutely sure that I would benefit from it. Unfortunately, I ran into a lot of dead-ends with the film programs in Canada; too expensive, too theoretical, too long… I knew what I wanted this time around and I wasn’t about to settle for something that didn’t align with that. As the list of potential Canadian schools dwindled further, I came across an article online promoting studying abroad. I don’t know why I hadn’t ever thought of studying abroad before, but once I saw that article, everything kind of clicked. I stopped looking at schools in Canada and started broadening my search to look at schools overseas. 


That’s how I came across dBs Film Berlin; the program outline boasted that it was a fast paced, hands-on program. Compared to the schools in Canada, it was more affordable and was very reminiscent of what I wanted out of a film program. I somewhat impulsively applied for the program without really telling anybody; the application process was very similar to here in Canada. I had to fill out the actual application form, write an essay based on the question they provided and send them my portfolio and credentials. It wasn’t long after that they contacted me for a Skype interview and then shortly after that, I received the email that I was accepted into the program. After receiving my acceptance letter, I had to kick my ass into high-gear and get my shit together to move overseas. It was months of working seven days a week to save money, piles of paper work and planning; trying to find an apartment abroad, acquiring travel Visas and getting insurance. But, somehow I did it and somehow it all worked out because here we are! I’ve finished my first semester of film school abroad, visited friends and family for the holidays and will be returning to finish the rest of the year next week. 


When I talk to people about 2017 and what they went through over the year, I think the general consensus is that it was fucking shitty and they couldn’t wait to start over, which is totally fair. 2017 was definitely a year filled with ups and downs, but it was also the year that quite literally changed my life. In the beginning of the year, I was working in a dead-end job that I hated, I had this monotonous routine that was sucking the soul right out of me and I just couldn’t be fucked to care about any of it at all. But now, I wake up every morning excited because I get to go and play with cameras, make movies and see parts of the world I would have only dreamt about seeing before. With all of the changes that I experienced internally and geographically this past year, I am looking forward to seeing what the universe brings in 2018. 




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