Easter Break Shenanigans

April 15, 2018

Easter break has come and gone, I’ve officially started my final semester of film school and the sun has finally started to shine in the city. 


The first week of my Easter break was a bit of a write-off, I was deathly ill and could hardly function at a normal human capacity, so I spent a large portion of the early days of my holidays sleeping. Once I started to feel better, I was able to get into full Easter mode. I don’t know about you, but I fucking love Easter. I don’t know why, I just love it. Every year since I was an infant, my parents have always had an Easter egg hunt for my brother and I. They’re a great time, whether I’m four years old, or twenty-four years old, I am having an Easter egg hunt. This ideology wasn’t about to change this year, much to Nick’s dismay, who is nearly 30 years old and hasn’t done an Easter egg hunt for quite some time. We had agreed on a small budget for each of us to go out and get Easter goodies to hide for the other, so come Easter morning we were prepared. Once Easter morning rolled around, we took turns hiding the chocolates in the apartment for each other because our place is literally so small that we wouldn’t have been able to have enough hiding spots for us to both put treats out at the same time. Nick went first and hid his treats for me around the apartment, and I use the term “hid” loosely because his technique for hiding treats was definitely lacking creativity, and that was quite offensive for an avid Easter egg hunter like myself. But hey, he tried! After I found all my Easter bunny goodies in record time, I had Nick lock himself away so that I could hide my loot for him. I tried to exercise some abstract thinking when it came to hiding my treats, so he had a bit more of a challenge locating them all. All too soon, our Easter egg hunt came to an end. We made a quick brunch and then fell into a deep sugar coma from eating chocolate all morning. 


By mid-afternoon, I had recovered from my sugar coma and began to attempt my second unsupervised Jigs Dinner. Spoiler alert, it went A LOT better than last time. I managed the portions of vegetables and stuffing VS available cooking appliances and I didn’t start cooking at 9:00AM like last time. Where I did fall short though, was the peas pudding. If you remember from my last post about experiencing family holidays abroad, I wasn’t able to find any split peas in Germany, so I didn’t have to cook it for our Thanksgiving dinner. When I was home for Christmas break, my Mom sent me back with a bag of them. I don’t know if you’re a peas pudding connoisseur, but there are a few vital steps to preparing them. I naively thought I had followed all these steps to a T, and subsequently would be in the clear for a proper Jigs Dinner. Alas, I was wrong. From the very beginning of the peas pudding prep, I was doomed. In my defence, the bag of dry peas themselves doesn’t look like they’d be a very large portion. But, once cooked they turn into a gigantic portion; it was both surprising and overwhelming to see that little bag of peas turn into this giant mound that was overflowing in my largest bowl. I’d put money on it that my Mom still laughs while thinking about it. By day four of peas pudding leftovers, Nick and I began to get a little sick of eating it with every meal. So, I decided to throw it all in the freezer until I could figure out what to do with it. 


Between dying a slow miserable death, miraculously recovering and our Easter celebrations, Nick and I were also preparing for our first Canadian visitors!!! My buddies, Kiani and JD came all the way over here to visit Nick and I in Berlin before we all went off to Paris together. Having friends from back home visit us here was so fun. Getting to share with them all of our new favourite places to visit, eat and hangout was such a cool experience. It felt very adult. Our time together in Berlin was short and wet (Typical Berlin weather), so we tried to make the most of it by seeing some of the highlights. I introduced them to the freedom of drinking booze in public (particularly good German beer), Photoautomats, food markets and currywurst. We also checked out important historical things as well like the Berlin Wall, Memorial for Murdered Jews and the Brandenburg Gate. Friday morning was the end of our time in Berlin together, and then we were off to Paris for a weekend of sightseeing, oohing and aahing at all the beauty in the city, delicious food and wine. 


Stay tuned for my next post; all about the city of love and the adventures we had!







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