The Jimmy Machine Came to Town

June 10, 2018

My life has been so insanely busy for the last few weeks, and that’s why its been a hot minute since posting on here. But, now that I have enough time to breathe, I can dedicate some time to pumping out some blog posts! 


Life has been a rollercoaster since my last post sharing my Parisian adventures, I’ve since had my cousin, Abbie, up to visit, went to Poland, worked on a few film sets and checked out Greece for a few days to celebrate my 24th birthday. Shortly after Kiani and JD left us, Abbie made her journey across the pond to visit us for a few days in Berlin. And unlike Kiani and JD’s visit, we actually had nearly perfect weather when she was visiting! Our first night together was grand; being the perfect little guest that she is she brought me Caesars, rimmer and lots of Canadian snacks. So, we spent some time getting caught up, eating snacks and having some classic Canadian beverages before heading out on her first German adventure. While walking around the city, we stopped off at a Photoautomat and captured one of the funniest photo-strips ever; Abbie took the photo with her when she left me, but I desperately need to get a photocopy of it because it’s just too hilarious to not look at whenever I want too. We also went to the Currywurst food-truck near our apartment to get her to try some traditional, German Currywurst for the first time, walked down by The Spree and looked at the East Side Gallery. As it had been a long day for everyone, we called it a night early on and headed back to the apartment for more booze, snacks and family time! The next day, we lucked out with more gorgeous weather, we decided to take advantage of that and spent the day doing lots of the outdoor attractions. During the morning we ventured to the Brandenburg gate, walked to Tiergarten Park for a little picnic and some mid-day wine before walking over to the Memorial of Murdered Jews. After spending the day in the sunshine and checking out the city, we headed home for a night in the apartment followed by more Caesars and snacks (we really like to eat and drink). While Abbie was visiting, we got into the habit of just making snack trays for everyone to nibble on throughout the evening because we were never really home at “dinner” time, and we’d be eating at weird times throughout the day while we were sightseeing. So, on our way home we popped off to the grocery store and grabbed lots of little nibbly-bits like veggies, cheese and dip to share between us all, put it all on a tray and called it dinner! The following day brought us our next excursion; a boat trip. Since I’ve moved to Berlin, I’ve been wanting to go on a boat and cruise along The Spree; and Abbie’s visit gave me the perfect excuse to book tickets for everyone and load them up into the big ole boat. The tour that we booked, took us the length of The Spree and showed you all of the iconic sights of Berlin while telling you the history of what you were passing by. It offered food and drinks for an extra fee on board as well! I found the trip to be a little long, but that might be because there was a group of annoying broads on the boat that wouldn’t shut the hell up. One of them smacked their head off of a low-hanging bridge because they weren’t paying attention — vengeance was particularly sweet that day. The boat trip ended in perfect time for us to head over to Markt Halle Neun; Berlin’s weekly food market and one of my favourite places to go on a Thursday. Markt Halle Neun is great for a lot of reasons, but my favourite is how I can have a little taste of this and that and don’t have to commit to an actual meal. We were able to try seafood, Asian, Mexican and more while we were there that evening. After the food market, we headed back to the apartment to chill out for a bit before heading out to a bar near our apartment. Abbie made us a special batch of mystery sangria and to this day we do not know the contents of. She did my hair and makeup before heading out as well, I felt very spoiled as she kept refilling my glass with sangria and blended out my eyeshadow for me. We spent a couple of hours hanging out at Krass Böser Wolf and enjoyed our drinks on their patio. Since moving here, Nick and I have come to this bar quite a few times; they have really friendly and efficient staff, good drinks and reasonable prices! The following day was our last day in Berlin with Abbie. We spent our time wandering around Museum Island and learning a thing or two about history and art! In the evening, we returned to the apartment for one last snack tray, a couple bottles of wine and some face masks. 


As much as I love living in Berlin and my life here, it's always nice to see some familiar faces from back home, and my visit with Abbie was no exception. We had such a great time together! While our adventure in Berlin with Abbie had come to an end, we embarked on a quick 24 hour trip to Poland together before officially parting ways! I’ll be sharing what we got up to, and some photos of that trip very soon! 






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