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July 21, 2018

Per usual, my life has been incredibly busy and I haven’t had time to update the three people who actually read this blog on what’s up in my life these days. Let’s rewind a few weeks… 


After my birthday trip to Greece, Nick and I returned to Berlin for a couple of weeks before heading off on a school trip to Portugal. Shortly after returning to Berlin, I was back on set. One of my tutors had invited me to work on a project with the school, so in between classes I was on-set working as a Script Supervisor. Essentially, my job was to pay attention to detail. I had to ensure that props, costumes and body language remained consistent between each and every take. Otherwise, if things weren’t matching up properly in the edit, it could ruin the flow of the film and take the audience out of the viewing experience if they’re noticing that cuts aren’t matching up with body language or props are moving around. As this was a project that was run through the school, I was still working with my classmates and people I had become very comfortable working with throughout the year. But, we had a different Director on set which changed the dynamic a little bit. It was a good experience to have because I had never officially managed the continuity before, and with this new Director, I was able to learn a lot from him and what he expects from different people working different roles on set. Once we wrapped on set, I had finished my final classes and was officially done school! After we wrapped on all of our final projects, my school hosted a final screening at a lovely restaurant in Berlin called Max und Moritz. After the screening, there was an awards ceremony for all of the films and every film I worked on received an award! Overall, it was such a cool evening being able to see everyone’s hard work on display, and finally being able to show Nick some of the projects that had kept me busy. Once the screening had come and gone, I had a couple days of quiet before jumping on a plane again and heading out to Esphino, Portugal for FEST with some of the tutors, and my classmates at dBs Film. FEST is essentially a week long, filmmaking festival and workshop. People from all over the world fly into this tiny, beach-side town to attend. Over the course of the week, I went to as many workshops as I could that I thought would best inform me and my interests as a filmmaker. I was able to hear a lot of notable people in the film industry speak on their experience and share their knowledge. One of my favourite workshops that I went to was Angela Allen, she has had an extensive career in the film industry as a Script Supervisor. Not only was she a really knowledgable and prepared speaker, she was also really enjoyable to listen to because she had this sassy, little lady vibe. You could tell that she didn’t take shit from anyone, and I loved it. Beyond FEST, I spent lots of time at the beach and sourcing out good Portuguese food. FEST came to a close after a week of workshops and screenings, and we hopped back on a plane to Berlin. I had a couple days to myself to veg-out and try to get my life together a bit before I was back on set. While in Portugal, a friend of mine from school had asked me to come on set and be a 1st A.D. for a music video she was directing. It was a really quick shoot, and a fun set to be on as we got to be outside in the Berlin summer to shoot for a lot of it. Once the project is finished, it’ll have distribution and marketing in the states. Working on a project with a large reach is a huge opportunity, because it means that people besides my classmates and tutors will actually see something that I’ve worked on. After spending a couple of days working on the music video, I had wrapped as a 1st A.D. and had like 48 hours to get my shit in order before my parents flew out for their long awaited visit. I cooked a giant Jigs dinner, cleaned the whole apartment and stocked the fridge with lots of cold Berliner beer. My parents flew out the Thursday evening, and landed in Berlin early Friday afternoon, and we wasted no time taking them around and showing them the sights. They were in Berlin with us for four days, and we were able to show them all the essential touristy bits that you need to see on your first trip to Berlin. Over the course of their visit, we did the Berlin Wall, Treptower Park, Brandenburg Gate, Memorial to the Murdered Jews and Museum Island and lots of other adventures in between! We also took them for their very first Currywurst (which my Mom is now addicted too), and Doner. After they got their fill of Berlin, we all packed up our bags and were off on a mini-Europe tour. We started off in Asmterdam, and from there we went to Paris, Rome, Venice and Positano! It was an incredible trip being able to see so much in so little time. While Nick and I had visited Paris and Amsterdam together this year already, Italy was a new experience for us and I’ll be sure to do a couple posts about what we got up to while we were there. Before long, we were back on a plane and back in Berlin. Mom and Dad have returned to Canada, and soon enough I’ll join them as I’m literally embarking on my last week in Berlin (I’m very sad).


I plan on spending my last days in Berlin doing all of my favourite things, seeing my favourite people and trying to sell everything I own because I’m officially a very, very broke Arts grad. 






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